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Ookpik.org is a community website hosted by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD).

Ookpik was created under the auspices of the Future of Children and Youth of the Arctic (2005), which is an initiative of the Arctic Council Sustainable Development Working Group, one of the five working groups of the Arctic Council. It continues to be supported by Foreign Affairs Canada, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada and the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation. It is hosted and maintained by the International Institute for Sustainable Development.

The Arctic Council members come from the eight circumpolar nations, as well as from six indigenous groups. We invite you into the site to discover more about youth in neighboring circumpolar countries and to explore the opportunities and programs available to the youth of the Circumpolar world. We hope it challenges you to think about ways to expand circumpolar cooperation.

Enjoy exploring the site!

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What does “Ookpik” mean?

Ookpik (sometimes spelled Ukpik) is the Inuktitut word for Snowy Owl, and was a popularized as an Inuit handicrafted toy. It was a small, souvenir owl with large head and big eyes, a beak, and small black talons. They are often made from wolf fur, sealskin and other traditional materials.

Adapted from the Wikipedia article.

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