Traditional Knowledge

Traditional knowledge encompasses the beliefs, knowledge, practices, innovations, arts, spirituality, and other forms of cultural experience and expression that belong to indigenous communities worldwide.

Schools on Board created the Traditional Knowledge Collection Kits for a special Circumpolar Inuit Field Program that had young Inuit from Canada, Alaska, Greenland and Russia on board the CCGS Amundsen. Before the program, the participants were sent these kits which included everything they needed to begin interviewing community members about the environment and traditional knowledge.

The kits have since been packaged in a set of ten and made available for schools to order and include the following:

  • Digital camera
  • Digital voice recorder
  • Getting Started in Oral Traditions Research Manual by Elisa Hart
  • Negotiating Research Relationships with Inuit Communities Manual produced by Inuit Tapariit Kanatami and Nunavut Research Institute
  • Consent forms
  • Sample interview questions

The kits can be incorporated into science, environmental studies and social studies courses as they have a flexible level of application. The use in classrooms is hoped to increase student and community understanding of research procedure and help facilitate youth exchange with older generations about issues that affect the future.

Classrooms in Nunavut, Canada have been the first to use them. Igloolik’s Ataguttaaluk High School had a two-day workshop with focus on Arctic climate change with great student participation and community reception. Since climate change is having a high daily impact, the students could recognize that their work was relevant beyond the classroom.

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