Youth Leadership

Learning to come together to influence the future of the Arctic. Are you interested in how to build your leadership skills? Here are some initiatives and example….

  • Live, learn and lead
    Join our online training program!
  • Peers and Mentors
    Meet some youth who are already taking on leadership roles in their northern communities!
  • participating in the Council’s work.
  • Circumpolar Young Leaders Program
    IISD’s Circumpolar Young Leaders Program works with emerging leaders to help them build their networks with current Arctic leaders, experts, institutions and their peers.
  • IPY Montreal Conference
    Largest-ever international program of scientific research focussed on the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Thousands of scientists and researchers from more than 60 nations around the globe are expected to participate in IPY during the 24-month period beginning March 2007.
  • Other youth networks and programs